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The firm handles a wide variety of legal matters, including Commercial and Residential Real Estate closings, Title Insurance, Estate planning, Probate matters, Landlord/Tenant Law, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death and Civil Litigation. Call Robinson Law Firm, LLC today so they can make your legal needs their priority.

Real Estate Law transacations

Real Estate

Estate Planning Probate Law

Probate Law

Corporate Law

Corporate Law

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Estate Planning

Ensuring that your wishes are carried out when you are gone requires proper planning and documentation.  Don't fall victim to one of the fill in the blank forms you can find on the internet. A Last Will and Testament is one of the most important documents you will sign and can be very complex in order to protect your assests. Our attorneys will take time to listen to you and make sure your wishes are carried out and documented properly.

Advanced Healthcare Directive

An Advanced Healthcare Directive, fomerly called a "Living Will," is also a very important document.  We will help you through this process so you can feel confident of your decisions regarding the care you recieve should something happen and you be unable to make those decisions yourself.

Power of Attorney

If a Power of Attorney is not properly drafted, banking institutions, healthare facilities, and other places may not be willing to accept it.  We have experienced attorneys and staff to guide you through this process and make sure the Power of Attorney you sign is legally binding, and grants only the authority you wish to give.

Probating Wills and Administering Estates

One of the most stressful and emotionally draining times of life is during the loss of a loved one.  Our firm is experienced and will assist you during the entire process, hopefully taking some of the unnecessary stress off family members.



Step-Parent/Family Adoptions

Being a small part of bringing families together through adoption is a blessing to our firm. Family adoptions are not always as lengthy and complex as other adoptions.   Our firm will be happy to assist you during this special time.



Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions
When purchasing or selling commercial or residential land or property, it is essential to have contracts and other documentation in order. Even the most attractive agreement is of no use if it is not legally binding or if it is not what it appears to be. Our attorneys and staff are experienced and ready to assist you during this process.


Title Insurance
Insuring title to your real property is an important measure in protecting your investment and is required by many institutions prior to loan approval. Should you encounter a dispute over the validity of your claim to your property, title insurance protects you against the loss of property, and in the event that your title is invalidated, insurance provides you with financial compensation. All of our attorneys are Licensed Title Insurance Agents and can assist you.



Entering into a lease/rental agreement can seem like a simple process; however, if the agreement lacks applicable law and protections, it can leave the Landlord and/or Tenant at risk.  Our firm can assist with drafting the agreement to ensure all matters are addressed in the agreement.  Our office also represents Landlords in the eviction process.  Alabama law has strict rules regarding evictions. Our attorneys and staff have experience and are ready to help you. 


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